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Entry #1


2011-10-05 10:27:29 by TurdClock

Yes, he is indeed the king of the portal.


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2011-10-05 10:48:12

'If you striek me down'...
And yes he is the king :P


2011-10-05 11:44:58

Shutup Samriah, this man is a comedy GOD!
I love your stuff :0


2011-10-06 02:53:02

No you shut up shakil :P
And no Shakil i love his stuff not you :P


2012-09-26 23:19:38

Haven't been on Newgrounds in years, found and remembered the password to this account I made back in 2006.

Never got to tell you guys how awesome you were, and how many of the clock crew videos I watched (The good and the bad). Good to see you are all still active.